UK Bred Discus

UK Bred Discus

We now have some UK bred (by ourselves available in good numbers, All bred from Stendker parents, check out the stock list which will be updated weekly. Current Stock Available..........Click Here.

Feel free to visit the fish room or make an enquiry, but if traveling, please call 01323 483689.

Welcome to the Devotedly Discus website

Devotedly Discus was established in 1993 and trades from a premises in Polegate High Street, East Sussex.

For the best part of 30 years we imported Stendker Discus from Germany until the owners retired and closed the business in May 2023.

Since then we have established our own breeding set up using Stendker adults. A local hobbyist and long term customer of ours has invested in excess of £15,000 into a breeding project - fish are starting to become available, but please bear with us as progress is being made but it is slow.

We also stock Stendker Goodheart mix, various other foods and our own range of HMA filters, reverse osmosis filters, all the essential, and some of the harder to find items that help make keeping Discus a pleasure not a chore.....