New Carbon Product

New Carbon Product

New in 2023, Spectrum have introduced some upgraded carbon cartridges for 10" housings. The new SFBC-PB and PFBC replacing the CBR2-10 and PCB 10 respectively.

The new technology offers improved dirt holding, increased flow rates as well as improved Chlorine, Chloramine and Lead removal.

Available in replacement sets for our DD HMA range or individually.

Current Stock List

Current Stock List

As is common knowledge now after best part of 60 years the Stendker hatchery is closing with Jorg and Volker retiring. We have enjoyed a trading relationship since 1993, well before the Internet and Euro ! Communication by FAX - remember them ?
Going forward we will not be seeking another supplier but returning to where it all started for us by breeding our own stock from Stendker adults. As some of you will know my health has not been great for the past year and this project gives me something to focus on.
It remains to be seen how successful we are, currently have thirteen pairs and you can check them out on our web cam below.

We wish Jorg, Volker, Angelika and all the staff at Diskuszucht Stendker the very best, and thank you, it has been a pleasure.

Small numbers of UK bred (from Stendker adults) Discus available Updated 01.12.2023 please click here

Breeding pairs on webcam are not for sale

Stendker Discus Food

Stendker Discus Food

Goodheart, Goodheart Colour, Goodheart Spirulina available in 100g blister packs and 500 g slabs. Stendker Tropical in 100 g blisters.

Stendker granules available in two sizes, 140g and 480g

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Welcome to the Devotedly Discus website

Devotedly Discus was established in 1993 and trades from a premises in Polegate High Street, East Sussex. We supply German Stendker Discus and have a good selection of strains and sizes available most of the time. We import our Discus from the hatchery directly in Germany and have an excellent working relationship with Jorg & Volker Stendker going back over twenty five years.

Our Discus availability / price list is updated twice weekly.

We also stock Stendker Goodheart mix, our own range of HMA filters, reverse osmosis filters, all the essential, and some of the harder to find items that help make keeping Discus a pleasure not a chore.....

Feel free to visit the fish room or make an enquiry, but if traveling,please call 01323 483689.

APC website for latest information