Resin Vessels

To house resins and media

Fittings and Hose Sizes available.

Fittings and Hose Sizes available.

There are a number of options available for inlet and outlet fittings and hose type.

"Garden Hose / hose-lock" - select this option if you wish to connect to a garden hose. Please note with this option we do not supply any garden hose, or hose-lock connectors - the unit is supplied with 2 x male inserts for you to connect your hose-lock fittings to.

"John Guest - select the compatible size if you are adding the resin filter to an existing HMA type filter. Or if you prefer John Guest fitting / pipe to garden hose. This option is supplied with all fittings and five meters of John Guest Tube.

Vessels are priced empty, so if required please select the resin / media you require. Nitrate and DI resins click here.

If in doubt, call 01323 483689 for advice.