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A-520 Nitrate Resin - by the litre

A-520 Nitrate Resin - by the litre

Price: 16.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Purolite A520E is a macroporous "selective" strong base anion resin which is specially designed for the removal of nitrates from water for potable processes and typically removes 20g of Nitrate per litre of resin. The resin can be rengererated several hundred times. Do not use resin in an aquarium filter. Use for the removal of Nitrate from tap water only. If buying the resin "loose" please ensure you have a suitable housing for it.

To regenerate the resin you will need pure, nitrate free water.

It is highly recommended to use the NItrate resin with a pressure vessel. If buying resin without the Spectrum Housing, please ensure what ever you are using has the correct "screens" or you will lose the resin either into your tank, or down the drain - like wise the resin needs good contact time with the water to remove the Nitrate - do not compact it, it needs to be able to "swirl"

{How much ?}

The resin will remove between 20 and 25g of Nitrate per litre of resin used. So if you have 40ppm of Nitrates in your tap water this equates approximatley to 0.04g - therefore a typical filter with 4 litres of resin would need regenerating after 2,000 litres of have passed through it. Please note this is a general guide and not "absolute" - We use volume - not weight, this is because sometimes it is delivery to us wet and other times dry - wet obviously weighs more that dry and dry is slightly less volume than wet as it is fluffy compared to compact - we will ship a level 1 litre jug when wet and + approx 5% when dry. One litre can weigh anywhere between 600g and 800g - hence weighing it is not accurate. Always check your pH if adding water to an aquarium or pond as in some cases there is a loss of carbonates and pH may fall.


Courier / Royal Mail to most UK mainland postcodes depending on size of order and location.

Isle of White, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands and Highlands by Royal Mail. Depending on the delivery postcode a small surcharge maybe generated. If this occurs we will contact you.

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