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Devotedly Discus 32 High Street, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6AJ, United Kingdom.

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DD HMA 80 - view 1DD HMA 80 - view 2DD HMA 80 - view 3DD HMA 80 - view 4DD HMA 80 - view 5

Price: 89.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • Opt 1 - SED/PCB/PCB
  • Opt 2 - SED/PCB/CBR

Please note new stock has BLACK housings, not blue.

Triple 10" housings - for the removal of Chlorine, Chloramines, Lead organically bound metals from tap water. Supplied ready to use, with all plumbing and comprehensive instructions.

Click Tabs below for more information.


- Width - 38 cm
- Height - 35 cm includes bracket.
- Depth - 15 cm
- Weight (with cartridges installed) 4.165 kg


Two Cartridge Sets - Why?

Option one "DD HMA 80 -1" is a sediment filter and two Spectrum PCB-10-CM carbons. The pre filter will remove sediment down to 1 micron and protects the carbon cartridges from blocking or channelling there by lengthening their useful life. The filter will remove Chlorine and Chloramine if present along with organically bonded metals. Select this version if you do not have lead water supply pipes. (UK property built before 1970 may have lead pipes)

Option two "DD HMA 80C-2" is a sediment filter, a Spectrum PCB-10-CM carbon, and a Pentek CBR2-10 carbon. The pre filter will remove sediment down to 1 micron and protects the carbon cartridge from blocking or channelling there by lengthening the useful life. This combination will remove Chlorine, Chloramine and "free lead" if present along with organically bonded metals. Select this version if you have lead water supply pipes. Consider this version if your property was built before 1970.

Please be aware that carbon can raise the pH value of tap water. Flushing the filter may lower the pH to nearer the tap water value, likewise storing it for 24 hours to allow the carbon dioxide level to stabalise may see it lower.

What is in the box?

You will receive your DD HMA 80 filter "ready to go." The filter is supplied fully assembled.
Also supplied as standard is a ¾" BSP to 1/4" fitting which will screw directly onto washing machine type fittings, garden tap etc. A length of tubing, a shut off valve,and installation instructions.

How long will the cartridges last?

This depends on the flow though speed of water, and the ppm of the target contaminates.

- Option One @ 3.8 LPM - Chlorine to 190,000 litres, Chloramine to 12,000 litres.
- Option One @ 1.9 LPM - Chlorine to 380,000 litres, Chloramine to 30,000 litres.

- Option Two @ 2.3LPM - Chlorine to 265,000 litres, Lead to 7,600 litres

With option 2 the lead removal element can be replaced without changing the other cartridges to keep costs to a mimimum, you do not have to change the full set if it's not required.

The figures are for guidance only and not "absolute"

Please consult Mark Evenden on 01323 483689 if you are unsure which to select or with any questions.

Is there any waste from an HMA filter?

No you can use every drop of water that passes through the filter. If you turn it off for more than a few days it is advisable to flush a few litres through it to remove the older water.

Will my pH be affected?

Most carbon based products will increase the waters pH , however this is usually only temporary and in the main not an issue, flushing 200 / 300 litres of water through the filter will normally see the product water pH in line with the tap water value - as a fishkeeper you should only really be interested at the chemistry of the water when you add it to the tank, not as it is produced from the HMA or RO as you can of course adjust the pH and hardness accordingly. It is not possible to predict "what will happen" as water around the UK varies so much in it's make up. Like wise if you leave the water for 24 hours and test the pH when the carbon dioxide has balanced it may reduce the pH.

Will the HMA soften my water, remove nitrate or phosphates?

No, HMA will not soften your water, nor will it remove nitrates and phosphates.

How do I plumb it in?

The unit is supplied with a ¾" BSP fitting that allows you to connect it to an outside tap, or washing machine type fitting. Alternately you can buy a self piercing tap for connection to the mains supply. DD HMA filters do not require mains pressure to make them work, so long as you can get water into them, it will filter the water for you. DD HMA units use 1/4" John Guest fittings.

What flow rate is required?

Maximum flow through the units is 3.8 litres per minute. Some water supplies will provide less than this, others will be in excess.

Can I store the filtered water?

You can store water produced so long as it is in a container that is food grade plastic, or a glass tank etc. Always aerate stored water before use. Another way many people now use HMA is to remove a percentage of water from their aquarium, and drip new water directly back into it over the course of a couple of hours.

Lifetime warrantee, what is covered by this?

We will guarantee for life to the original purchaser all non consumable parts (IE not the cartridges) The warrantee does not include damage caused by the unit being allowed to freeze.

So, how will an HMA filter improve my fish's health?

Chlorine is poisonous to fish, and will kill the bacteria in a biological filter, so removing chlorine is very beneficial. Heavy, and organically bound metals in our tap water could over a period of time attack the fishes central nervous system, causing it stress and any manor of related health issues. HMA removes these substances. Fish living in HMA prepared water look healthy, are active and will display their natural colouration fully.



Thank you for buying one of our filters. Please retain this document as your proof of purchase.

DD HMA 80 serial number (unique ID entered here)

Installation - the unit is provided with a ¾" BSP to ¼" Plain fitting this will fit most washing machine type fitting or outside taps. Select your water source and run a length of tube to the inlet side to the HMA filter. Cut another length and connect it to the outlet and place the free end into the vessel you are using to collect the water.

The JG valve should not to be used to control the flow, these are stop valves, so either "on" or "off" - lower your input water pressure to adjust the flow to below the maximum.

- When you first run water through the filter check for leeks.
- The max flow rate is 3.8 litres a minute, but 2 litres per minute is fine, if you find the flow excessive alter the input water pressure - do not use the blue handled ON /OFF valve for this.
- When not in use turn off all taps to relieve pressure on the HMA
- When using after a lay off, please run a few litres to waste to flush the HMA
- HMA 80C removes chlorine, chloramine, various organics and heavy metals, replace the cartridge set depending on the model purchased.(details provided)

Any questions or problems please ring Mark Evenden 01323 483689

{Mark Says}

Here at Devotedly Discus we first used carbon block filters in 1993 and have done so virtually every day since for our Discus. Over the years there have been a number of improvements to cartridge technology (all the Pentek / Spectrum cartridges are manufactured for drinking water applications and in the case of Chlorplus for renal pre-filtration)
We have built up a working relationship during this time with Fileder Filter Ltd and have full access to their laboratory and technical staff for support and development. So if you have an issue with any Penteck or Spectrum product a solution will not be far away.
The most recent development (August 2014) is the slight distancing from the tried and tested CBR cartridges. Following work and consultation with Fileder it is considered not necessary to install a CBR2 for fish keeping, unless your water company has excessive "free lead" in the water, this is very unlikely although is possible if your property was built pre 1970.
I personally have used just a Chlorplus element since 2009, then PCB since 2013, and have no hesitation in recommending it to keepers of Stendker Discus - if you are unsure, please just call me (Mark Evenden) 01323 483689 and I will advise what I think is best for you - water differs hugely around the UK but with in-excess of 20 year's experience supplying and more importantly, using these products we are confident of providing you with a solution.

The CBR2 is a very old friend of Devotedly Discus and of course is still available to those that need it, and to those who simply want to use it.

Providing your Discus with clean water has never been easier or more cost effective than it is now, and if you have clean water, good food and good fish, problems are very few and far between indeed.

Can be collected in store,

Charged at cost to us typically £11.60 - Courier to most UK mainland postcodes.

Isle of White, Isle of Man,Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands and Highlands by Royal Mail (quotation)

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