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FlukeSolve is a very effective treatment for gill flukes and internal parasites formulated by fish vet, Dr Fiona Macdonald BVMS MRCVS.

Ornamental fish such as Discus can harbour a variety of parasites, and often they remain undiscovered until they have been introduced into a new aquarium. This can be a particular problem with fish which have originated from the wild.

Stress can also be a major threat to these fish because of the complete change in their habitat and lifestyle, and so any parasite treatment must be efficient and safe - frequent treatments will not only stress these fish further, but can also pose a risk of the very parasites you are trying to treat developing resistance to some treatments.

Fluke-Solve™ is a specially designed fluke treatment for Discus, coldwater, marine and tropical fish. It contains 50% praziquantel in a unique presentation.

- Easy to use - dissolves quickly without boiling or solvents
- Effective - one dose kills adult flukes and larvae
- Simple double dosing regime takes care of fluke eggs as well
- Filter-safe
- Measuring scoop with 10g pack


FlukeSolve "Aquarium" 10g

14.00  (inc. VAT at 20%)