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Devotedly Discus 32 High Street, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6AJ, United Kingdom.

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Spectrum Resin Vessel 23.6 ltr

Spectrum Resin Vessel 23.6 ltr

Price: 109.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Choose Pipe Size..

- Price includes vessel, distribution head, JG fittings, regeneration "kit" and tube. Resin not included.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery of this vessel.


- Footprint = 8"
- Height with head fitted = 37"
- Food grade materials are used on parts in contact with water
- 5 year warranty
- NSF 44 certified and complies with PED 97/23/EC Directive
- Moulded rubber base for stand alone stability.
- Threads on the vessel neck are made from 30% glass-filled polypropylene for enhanced strength
- Pressure cycle tested 250,000 times to ensure reliability
- Pressure tested to 42 bar – over 4 times the maximum operating pressure
- Lot-coded for traceability and tracking
- Individually packaged to assist storage, handling and transportation


- Commercial and residential water softening
- Housing Nitrate / Deionisation resins - housing activated carbon or any chemical media used in fish keeping.
- Can be used as a stand alone filter or in series with HMA or Reverse Osmosis filter.


Supplied complete with premier distribution head. The "premier head" has factory fitted inlet and outlet fittings sealed with "O" rings and locking clip. (¾" inlet and outlet ports) - adaptors are included to locate John Guest fittings if required. Select either 1/4" or 3/8" or 1/2" inlet / outlet to suit your installation.

Vessels are priced empty, so if required please select the resin / media you require.

If in doubt, call 01323 483689 for advice.


How to Install Nitrate Filter

To aid shipping, pressure pod is supplied with the amount of resin ordered already inside it.

We recommend running your water through the HMA (or RO filter first) and fitting the Nitrate filter after.

Fit the John Guest fitting labelled "A" to the inlet port

Fit the John Guest fitting labelled "B" to the outlet port

(Head is marked with an arrow to indicate flow)

Connect a length of tube ( supplied) from the outlet of you HMA / RO to the inlet side of the Nitrate filter. Or if using as "stand alone" from the water supply.

Fit the supplied tube to the outlet side of the filter. Install the blue handled tap (supplied) to this to control water flow and you will need it also for regeneration below.

Installation is now complete.

Turn your water on - it may take a little while for water to emerge from the
out let of the Nitrate filter - once water is flowing - check for leeks.

That's it we are done.

Regeneration of Resin using gravity feed.

Due to regional variations in water quality it is not possible to give definitive regeneration periods - you need to monitor the output water periodically and if you see a rise in the Nitrate readings then consider regeneration soon. We recommend API Nitrate test kit, although there are many others to choose from.

" Detach the Nitrate filter from the RO /HMA filter.
" Remove the John Guest fitting from the inlet side of the filter.
" Fit the hose tail marked "C"
" Fit a length of ½" (Garden type) hose to the Hozelock fitting
" Push this onto the inlet side of the filter.
" For each litre of resin you need 2 litres of water (RO or Deionised works best) - do not use water that has a nitrate content IE tap-water.
" Dissolve into this 220g of Cooking salt per litre of resin - make sure it is fully dissolved.
" Fit a domestic funnel or "header tank" and link to the fitting green Hoselock with a length of ½" hose. Fill this with the brine solution.
" As soon as the brine solution comes out the filter, close the blue tap for 30 minutes.
" Now crack it open so that the water seeps through - you should collect the brine solution and pass it through again if required.
" Pass the brine through the filter slowly (typically 90minutes) although some folk do it overnight.

Once complete hook the filter back up to your water source and flush trough*** - then test to ensure regeneration is complete.

*** It can take anywhere between 30 and 100 litres of water to flush the resin sufficiently to remove all the brine solution. The more resin the longer the flush

Large vessels ( 15 litres and more) can be regenerated with a sump and pump - please contact us for details.

The resin can be regenerated several hundred times.

Further technical advice can be obtained direct from Purolite 01443 229334 - or from us if we can help 01323 483689.

- Use RO or deionised water for best regeneration. Do not use water that contains nitrate.
- During first use some carbonate may be lost (not generally an issue for fish)
- Each litre of resin will remove 20 / 25g of Nitrate - for example 40ppm of Nitrate is 0.04g - so 4 litres will do up to 2,000 litres before regeneration - please note this is a guide only!
- The effectiveness of the resin can be improved if you regenerate before the Nitrate reading passing through the resin equals the tap water resin - IE regenerate it before it is fully exhausted.

When resin is new and regenerated you may notice a very low pH for the first 100 to 200 litres of water passed through it.

*** It can take anywhere between 10 and 100 litres of water to flush the resin sufficiently to remove all the brine solution. The more resin the longer the flush.

If buying resin alone please ensure you install it into either a pressure vessel, or a GAC type cartridge for use with 10 and 20 inch pods for best results.


£10.30 - Courier to most UK mainland postcodes.

Isle of White, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands and Highlands by Royal Mail. Depending on the delivery postcode a small surcharge maybe generated. If this occurs we will contact you.

{Ordering Please Read}

The vessel is supplied with male 3/4" threads. You fit John Guest adaptors 1/4" or 3/8" (supplied) to these to secure your tube / pipe.

Once you have selected the vessel size that suits you, please choose either 1/4" or 3/8" options for the fittings. If you already have the fittings please bear in mind the head is 3/4" BSP.

Vessels are priced empty, so if required please select the resin / media you require.

The fittings to regenerate the resin are supplied when ordering vessel and resin togeather, along with full instructions.

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